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Message From Principal
It is my prestigious honour to pendown my opinion regarding the views and dimensions the 'School' measures in building the overall personality of an individual as a good 'Student' or as a responsible 'Citizen' or as an intellectual 'Human being who bears an ability to render selfless service for any noble cause initiating and inspiring 'Humanity' in the society.
School is not simply a place where an individual begins his initial formal learnings but also one opens an arena of multidimensional techniques in understanding various skills through which student (he/she) will be able to satisfy all primary and basic needs for fruitful life in future and at the same time one willingly justifies the reason for one's existence in the society elevating one's strength and vigour to face and win new challenges in future life too.
School is the place where a student find oneself as a part of 'Whole' in the dreams of interest and this begins his journey of fascinating travel towards 'Truth or Reality.'
"Dreams are not to be enjoyed while asleep, rather... Dreams let awaken us till it is accomplished."
...Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
"Every Students bears one's own caliber or physical and mental strength to weave his learning and understanding accordingly on the same day, in similar way or in the another familiar simplest manner..."

Our institute ‘South Bengal Public School’ focuses on inculcating students moral, ethical and social values infusing their learning into habits and habitats too, in a whole, regardless of any socio-economic or socio-cultural status of the family. Our institute firmly initiates the student- centered academic standards which configurates a balanced growth on the emotional or mental and social facets of the students. Thus a single individual or student should recognize one's unique identity in the future society.
Our institute, South Bengal Public School's, academic technique or methodology and its evaluation ensures a fraction of gap in each and every student then fulfills and enrich the same with all socio- psychological and pedagogical (academic)repairs.
Imparting 'Education' is not only the degree we focus on the students 'Behavioral changes' beside we... our well experienced teachers boost and rejuvenate them with pre and post scholastic, continuous and comprehensive skills of life which assist them to connect current novel ideas of learnings to the future sustenance life skills, as well as we also configures the recent trendy religio-cultural aspects and mythological concepts before them to correlate the modern and ancient cultures of 'Indian heritage' to their convenient understanding.
"Although, Life is all about mutual cooperation in between the conscious, subconscious and supersuperconscious state of mind."
...Dr. Sarvapalli RadhaKrishnan.

We, ...our specialized faculty forecast or explain the academic disciplinary aspects directly before the students to clear their choice of discipline of interest in over-all, through proper psychological guidance thus counsel them in correct 'Decision making' at right moment in the discipline of choice so that an individual or a student can find the sufficient space and time for one's own evaluation in the field of interest and strengthen oneself to the optimum.
Me, as a 'Principal' always favors the path of students true achievement or success and personifies their congruent personal development as an ideal and responsible member of one's family and a reverent citizen of the society and nation. And for the same devotion and selfless act to construct one's personae is must. "...Simply as you water only leaves of the plant is not a complete act of service, beside nurturing water on the plants roots beneath the earth is the true sense to strengthen and flourish and nourish to its fruit-fulness.".Similarly children are to be nurtured properly...
"...Children' are the soft and spongy clay before our teachers... And they are the 'Artist' to personify them the right shape, chisel off the rough edges and icon them into the ideal figure of regard developing their inherent talent, intellect and with their personal physical and mental strength, so that it will bear a value of recognition in the future society."
Being a responsible member of this institute..."South Bengal Public School", I wish all the best and pay my distinguished Regards to my Sagacious Administrative Officials, Dear Faculty Members, the School respective Staffs and my Adorable Students.

"Be Initiative, Strengthen yourself, And Be Inspiring..."
With a new hope.
Thank You.

Santanu Jana
S.B.P. School

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